Artech & IS Website Redesign Case Study


Artech & IS is one of the leading promotional products suppliers in Canada. They asked us to completely overhaul, creating a modern, mobile-friendly experience that presented the full range of Artech & IS’ product offering, from three distinct product lines, in a clear and engaging way.


  • Our redesign and the resultant improvements in legibility and performance lead to a 30% increase in the number of website visits.
  • By developing powerful sales tools and product filters we increased the user engagement by 19% in the number of pages that were viewed and 33% for the average session duration.
  • By developing a strong SEO structure and strategy we increased the organic traffic by 29%.
  • Artech & IS web redesign case study | Jobox Media


    “Starting with our email campaigns and new Website all the way to our printed catalogue and flyers, Joey at Jobox Media has taken care of all our needs efficiently and professionally. Thank you once again!”
    Conrad - Marketing Manager at Artech


    Artech & IS (Owned by Decalcorama Inc.) is a family run business that started in 1969. What started out as three small businesses, a small magnetic sign shop, a screen-printing shop and a promotional objects company, has now become the leading supplier for high quality promotional products in Canada and the USA.


    In 2008 Decalcorama Inc. Purchased the Artech line. Their website consisted of over 3000 products. With so many products it was often slow and complicated for users to find the exact product they were looking for. Then in 2015 Decalcorama purchased the IS line which had a website consisting of two distinct product lines (one for promotional objects, the other for awards) and included over 2000 products. This website wasn’t working well for them or their customers: the fixed-width site was hard to use on mobile devices, poorly structured and highly limited in the types of content it could contain. It was also a pain to update and maintain. This was translating to lost sales and frustrated customers.

    The challenge was to combine the 3 product lines (Artech, IS and Prestige Awards), consisting of over 5000 products, into one website that was user-friendly, easy to navigate and easy to update and maintain themselves. They also needed a powerful search engine and a product filtering tool to enable their clients to find the products they were looking for with more ease and speed.



    We completely restructured the database to combine all the product codes of the three distinct product lines into one database that was easy to update and maintain by any Artech & IS employee. We restructured the categories and added up to 4 subcategories to create a powerful product filtering strategy. Since the database was the heart of the new website, rethinking the structure was a critical step in how the users would interact with the website and how easy it would be for someone searching for a particular product.


    With over 5000 product codes, finding the right product can be quite challenging. In addition to a quick search form, we developed a powerful advanced search form so clients could search for products by size, price, product thickness, production time and even by products “Made in Canada”.

    In addition to the powerful search engine, we developed an advanced product filter to enable users to refine their search even further, decreasing the time they spent trying to find the right product. This was an important step in helping Artech & IS’ distributors sell their products more efficiently and with increased ease.


    To increase the speed of finding products within such a large database, we included a “quickview” button to allow users to see more information about a product without leaving the page.

    And with so many products to choose from, many of their products within a same category looked quite similar to each other. To help users distinguish between these products, we developed a comparison tool to enable users to compare up to 3 different products.

    We also developed a wishlist section to allow the user to keep a list of products they are interested in and even allow them to send the list by email to a colleague or a client.


    Since Artech & IS sell their products exclusively to distributors, the User Login section was an important part of the website overhaul. In this section, a user that is logged in can keep a list of products in their wishlist to use for future quotes and orders. They also have access to contact information and special pricing only available to distributors. This section of the website is in constant development. Futures phases include allowing users access to their purchase history, order tracking and awards programs based on the dollar volume of their yearly purchases.


    To help their distributors sell their products more efficiently, we created a “Sales Tools” section. This section includes:

  • PDF Catalogues for each product line, allowing distributors to to view and send individual catalogue pages to their clients.
  • A Flyer section that distributors can use as selling tools.
  • A “Market Ideas” section listing product ideas that can be used within specific markets, giving distributors inspiration for their sales pitch.

    Often one of the most frustrating aspects of ordering a printed product is making sure the artwork file that is sent to the printer is usable. To help distributors with this tricky aspect of the ordering process we created the Artwork Information section. This section provides detailed explanations on how to submit the artwork, and what formats to send.

    We also developed a product template section, allowing users to download the template of any product making it much easier for a graphic artist to supply the artwork in the right format and decreasing the amount of time and money spent for the artwork setup.

    Also, to help distributors with the inspiration portion of selling a product, we created a stock image section allowing users to download any image available from hundreds of royatly free stock images that they can use in their artwork.


    As always, we used progressive enhancement to create a consistent and accessible experience for as many users as possible. Throughout the build we tested every component of the site using our in-house device lab, ensuring compatability across a broad range of mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

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