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Investing in a great website can greatly increase the value of your company or organization.

Do you need a new website or are you simply tired of having a website that’s stuck in the ’90s?


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Professional Web Design Services | Jobox Media

Over 20 Years of Designing Professional Websites

To achieve your goals, designing a professional website is critical to your marketing strategy.

Whether you want to have a fully transactional site or a simple Internet presence, we offer the perfect solution tailored to your needs and budget.

With over 20 years of web design & development experience, you can be confident that we will create the best website solution adapted to your needs with the look and functionality that will attract and retain clients to your business.

Jobox Media is not just another cookie-cutter Design Agency. We pride ourselves in giving you the best customer experience possible. You talk, we listen. From the initial design sketches to posting the finalized web design, we listen to your suggestions in order to design the perfect website customized to your needs.

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How to design a professional website that will help you stand out?

It takes less than 3 seconds to make a good first impression with potential clients who are visiting your website for the first time. So you need to present them with a professional website that stands out from the crowd and that will retain their attention. That’s why it’s so important to use a professional to design a website that will grab the attention of its users. Here are a few key areas that we believe will help your website stand out:

  • Customized to your needs
  • Incite its users to take action
  • Have a great user interface
  • Easy to navigate
  • Unique design and a strong identity

Jobox Media specializes in designing and developing professional websites that will give you real results.

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Web Design Stand Out from the Crowd | Jobox Media
Responsive Website Design | Jobox Media

Responsive Design: Mobile friendly websites are better websites

If your website isn’t smartphone or tablet friendly you might be missing out on anywhere from 30%-60% of your potential audience. Responsive design allows your website to adapt to any window size and offers the best user experience on any device. A better user experience means better search rankings, a bigger audience, and more opportunities for people to find and love your website.

All of our web designs are responsive. So there are no more worries about losing potential traffic because of a poorly optimized website.

Do you need a responsive website design? Or do you need help making your existing website responsive? Contact us for a free quote!

E-commerce Website Development

Imagine managing a new store that’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which is available to nearly 90% of the population and generates sales without having to hire additional staff …

This may seem like an impossible task. But actually, this is exactly what an e-commerce website will do for you.

E-commerce worldwide sales were $2.356 trillion in 2018, increasing nearly 200% from 2013. More and more people are selling and buying online. Are you taking advantage of this increasing market share?

Wordpress Development & Design | Jobox Media

Custom WordPress development services

Jobox Media offers custom web development using WordPress, as well as responsive web design and digital strategy services. Our developers understand the difficulties our customers have when updating their websites.

Here’s how we can help you:

We make content management easy, enjoyable and without frustration.
We make sure your website is search engine friendly so your ideal customers can easily find you.
We can configure your site on our SSD drive high-speed hosting platform to make your website work quickly and efficiently.


Combine These Services With Our Web Design Services

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Website Hosting

Secure, reliable and lightning-fast web hosting on our SSD drive servers. Our managed hosting does all the heavy lifting for you so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Website Security

SSL certificate installations, firewalls, IP address blockers, website monitoring and much more. Gain peace of mind by securing your website. We fix hacks and prevent future attacks.

SEO Services

Building a beautiful website will add value to your company. But that value is lost if no one can find it online. Find out how our SEO services can give you better visibility and provide exceptional ROI!

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