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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | Jobox Media

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Experts

A well designed website is extremely important to ensure a good user experience. But what use is a great website design if nobody can find it in the search engine results. As we design, develop and launch your new website we also perform the essential technical SEO tasks ensure on-site search engine optimization.

If your existing site seems to be lost within the search engine results, we can fix any technical on-page SEO issues, as well as develop an off-site SEO campaign strategy.

Jobox Media has many years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, and we can help your website rank better and stay ahead of your competitors.



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Why is SEO so important on Google?

If your website does not appear on the first page of Google’s search results when a potential customer is searching for one of your products or services, the chances of your site being found are very low.

But being on the first page is not the only important factor. The position of your site in Google’s search results has a high impact on the number of clicks you receive!

Here’s how clicks are distributed on the first page for searches made on Google:

  • Position #1 – 32.58%
  • Position #2 – 16.69%
  • Position #3 – 10.34%
  • Position #4 – 7.25%
  • Position #5 – 5.27%
  • Position #6 – 3.93%
  • Position #7 – 3.02%
  • Position #8 – 2.35%
  • Position #9 – 1.86%
  • Position #10 – 1.53%


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First Page Google Rankings | Jobox Media

Our SEO techniques will help you rank higher on Google

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO tasks include, but are not limited to, creating sitemaps of your website for better indexing, increasing site speed, redirecting old pages to new ones, connecting your site to Google Analytics and Search Console.

Local SEO

We create company profile pages on different citation sites, such as Google MyBusiness, to help your business rank better in the local search results.

Keyword Optimization

We help improve the different tags on your website such as the titles, meta descriptions and image alt tags.

Content marketing

We create fresh and unique blog posts for your company, as well as optimize your website’s existing content.

 UX (User Experience)

We help design your website for a better user experience. When providing a positve experience to your users, they will spend more time on your site and are more likely to become a returning customer.


We help form new partnerships with influencers and bloggers in order to publish quality content on their sites that will link back to your website. High-quality backlinks are an important part of increasing your rankings on Google.

Combine These Services With Our SEO Services

Web Design Services

With over 20 years of web design & development experience, you can be confident that we will create the best website solution adapted to your needs.

Website Security

SSL certificate installations, firewalls, IP address blockers, website monitoring and much more. Gain peace of mind by securing your website. We fix hacks and prevent future attacks.

Website Hosting

Secure, reliable and lightning-fast web hosting on our SSD drive servers. Our managed hosting does all the heavy lifting for you so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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