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25 Years of Graphic Design Services | Jobox Media

Over 25 Years of Graphic Design Experience

The success of your business depends not only on the quality of your products and services but also on the image that you project to your clients and potential clients. That is why building a strong visual identity is an important step in establishing the image you want to project to your clients in order to establish a climate of trust and recognition.

With over 25 years of graphic design experience, Jobox Media has the knowledge and expertise to create a visual identity that will help you to stand out from the competition and grab the attention of your customers.

Whether it’s designing your logo, your web site, an e-mail marketing campaign, your business cards, your display booth or a product catalogue, we will create a consistent and professional design to help you build a strong visual identity.

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Logo Design | Visual Identity & Branding | Product illustration | Print Ready Design | Catalogue & Flyer Design | Display Booth and Banner Design | 3D Lenticular Design

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Logo Design

Logos are the most effective branding tools to help build your business’ brand identity within your market. If your logo can convey your business message effectively and in an impressive way, it can help help build trust not only in your business but also in the products and services you sell.

Whether you need a logo design for your business, company presentation, an identity for your firm or a logo redesign to give your business a fresh look, we have the knowledge to help you build a strong visual identity that will be easily recognizable by your customers. Jobox Media has over 25 years of professional logo design experience. Find out how we can help brand your business with our logo design services.

Logo Design | Jobox Media

Branding & Visual Identity Design

Creating a business identity involves strategically and consistently applying your well-defined business image (logo, layout themes, colours, etc.) across many types of media to generate top-of-the-mind recognition in your target audience. Identity is an important piece of the branding puzzle for most businesses and helps to enable customer response. See how Jobox Media can help brand your business!

Branding & Visual Identity | Jobox Media

Product illustration

Do you want to sell a product that you haven’t even produced yet? Or sell a pitch for a prototype you are working on? Or present a crisp clean drawing of your products on your website, in your printed catalogue or on your promotional products? We know that a good product illustration is a key factor in selling that product through your website or printed catalogue. Jobox Media the experience and the talent to create realistic illustrations that will give your products the professional look it deserves.

Product Illustration | Jobox Media

Print Ready Design

We are the specialists when it comes to creating professional layouts and designs for your printed products, ensuring that they are not only functional but also visually appealing to you and your customers. A great design will help your business not only look professional but also look great!

Jobox Media has over 25 years of experience in print ready design. We have a deep knowledge of the various printing standards and the technical knowledge to set-up the design so the imprint is perfect.

Print Design | Jobox Media

Catalogue & Flyer Design

We specialize in creating professional catalogue and flyer layouts and designs. whether you want to showcase 5 products in 3 fold flyer or 500 products in a 300 page catalogue we have the experience to design and develop them within a timely fashion.

Promotional Products Catalogue Design

Display Booth and Banner Design

When it comes to a business’ booth, it can either attract potential clients or deter them completely. Your trade show exhibit display serves as a direct, reflection of your company image and portrays the level of product quality and service customers can expect to receive. To be effective, the visual impact of your trade show display must make a strong first impression and communicate your message in a matter of seconds. whether it’s for a trade show or your show room we design large format artwork that will grab the attention of your customers and attract them to your business.

Large Format Display Design | Jobox Media

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